Monday, September 20, 2010

A nicer close up of a lobster.

A good view of the breeding habitat of a lobster. The quality is excellent. Drawing material when the lobsters interact together. Would a humanised lobster have to fight for his breeding spot in town? How would he interact with other human beings, will he see them as a thread to his progeny? Lobsters give the impression of being programmed.

Robotic Humanised Lobster?

What of a "lobsterised" human? The term is made up but seems to fit rather well the description.

Using the term humanised implies that the subject becomes more human, yet when compared to a "normal" human, the hybrid is inhuman. A humanised inhuman. Or even an inhuman who's been humanised.

Does this apply to a lobster? Can one be inlobster, creating an lobsterised inlobster?


1. Lacking lobster qualities of compassion and mercy; cruel and barbaric.
2. Not lobster in nature or character

Should call oxford about that.

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