Friday, December 10, 2010

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Question to Phil:

Is Surrealism uncanny?


Tom Beg said...

I'm not Phil, but I would say that it could be. Giorgio de Chricico for example, not necessarily uncanny but his work has a dark edge to it.

tutorphil said...

surrealism CAN create an uncanny effect, yes... and Tom is absolutely right - I included de Chricico in the briefing presentation - check him out.

tutorphil said...

Interim Online Review 14/12/2010

Hey Paul,

In truth, I'm a bit concerned about you. You're engagement is off and I get a growing sense that you're struggling to remain positive. I may be way off, but you seem rather evasive recently and I'm wondering, perhaps, if you might be interested in discussing you Unit 2 experience further? I'd like you to email me - - and reassure me.

Regarding your IOR, it's clear you haven't organised your work as requested for the 'Green Light' review, so I can only respond in very general terms. I'm not impressed by your studentship, Paul. Your blog is a boring place to visit right now; you're hugely behind, both in terms of the reviews, the research, the thumbnails and the thinking. That is not to say that your nascent ideas aren't interesting - they are, but it's difficult for your tutor to feel any real excitement.

I get the strongest feeling that, in truth, you resent design briefs generally, and that you consider yourself, first and foremost, a 'fine artist' who needn't truly concern himself with the needs and wishes of clients/audiences/criteria. If this is so, then I suggest you may want to rethink your decision to pursue CGAA - not because the course philosophically discourages 'art-based' ideas - but rather because you seem unwilling to adapt.

tutorphil said...

When you email me - and you should do so promptly - I'll want to know what your intentions are. If there are external circumstances now effecting your engagement, I'd like to hear about them. Make no mistake though, Paul - you're a talented individual - but you're not a special case. This is the course as written; of course there's room to wriggle and to customise to a degree, but you must engage and you must produce five weeks work - just like everyone else. I look forward to your correspondence and an explanation as to your current disappointing performance.

More generally, follow this link for guidance notes re. your unit 3 assignment: