Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Some final explanations.

Time is scary. Yet after the terrible failure of my grand father clocks which now decaying in some unknown folder, I was left to wonder what to use to showcase this terrible curse that afflicts us all. I brained stormed some ideas, playing around with different concepts, and it is only now, as I am finishing my piece that I notice that the clock simply did not work. I changed my focus, looking at how the surroundings could portray an uneasy feeling of a complete lack of control over our decisions. I chose to depict a prison. I like the idea of a window with bars present to cast a shadow on the scene.

I worked on the walls as this permitted my to design the space for the windows. I decided on a table to give a support to the next object that would imply uncanny. A telephone hanging from the table, I hope, should imply quit a lot. Why is it hanging? The phone in my depicts the only connection to the outside world for the unknown convict. I played around with some designs for the phone, preferring a weird looking one to a more traditional one. I tried to convey the feeling that though the scene seems quit serene thanks to the sun light, the viewer is still stuck inside. I find working with light quit difficult, as it seemed that I kept changing the direction or the settings.

So here are some of my trials at playing with light, though I was doing it wrong. I kind of like the idea of an open roof, giving a fully lit interior. Number 2 portrays that the best. I will now work mainly from number 3, adding a mat painting through the windows. Number 5 shows the "Grand-Father Catastrophe"








I will scan all my drawings tomorrow as they are not in my possession right now.

Number 5 really makes me laugh.


tutorphil said...

Hey Paul - remember the 16:9 aspect ratio as stated on the brief....

Paul Lemarquis said...

Yup I know this was the basic size maya gave me at the beginning