Friday, July 6, 2012

AOS and Fade: Designer and VJ.

Hi all,

Lately i have been working and collaborating with Adriano Clemente and Josh Bess, two Ableton certified trainers. They created a event/workshop called AOS. This is their bio.

"AOS is a group created by Ableton Certified Trainers, Josh Bess and Adriano Clemente, to showcase both the educational and artistic assets of Ableton Live. Being Live performers themselves, they understand how Ableton Live is controlled and manipulated to become an instrument on it's own, for both studio sessions and live performances.

AOS presents a monthly party, "Fade", which incorporates both the educational workshop setting, and live venue performance of Ableton Live in one night, for users to understand how both worlds are combined."

I handled all the graphics and VJing needs while they took care of the music and organization.
Our first event took place in New York and was a great first time. Shows then took place in Tokyo and Los Angeles, with more planned in New York, Tokyo, Los Angeles and hopefully many other cities like Berlin, Milan, Paris and Grenoble.

As a departure point for the imagery of the group, I chose a few elements that would be recurrent throughout the designs. This is still a work in progress as we look and search for the defining elements. The circle was decided quit early on, as was the concept of linking graphic elements together. This does not happen all the time but one of the attributes of AOS and Fade is the conncection that results from a community joining up to work together. With members as of now mainly in New York and Tokyo, the community is growing as Ableton users around the world start to join up in this experience.

Here as some of the poster designs I have done for this event.

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