Friday, October 15, 2010

Final Lobster Piece Work in Progress

Work on the final piece is started. The basic layout and position is set, though it is subject to change. I will let rest for a while before I come back to it to be as objective as I can about it. The lobster part will appear once I start adding the textures and refining the character. Right now the shape implies more a human than a lobster, apart from the legs and hands. 

These are the first tries at finding a pose. I found the basic pose quite quickly which is always a nice thing though again I might alter it later on if I feel it doesn't fit the scene well enough. The image on the right illustrates the evolution of the post, the bottom one being the initial, and the top the reworked version. I really enjoy if anyone watching could comment on the post, if it looks right or wrong.

I then moved on to adding a background to the scene.

Spiky rocky outcrops create a frame that hopefully guides the eye towards the centre of of the piece and therefore the character. I added some sea which I want to be quit rough, as if he was sitting in the middle of a storm.

I then added some sky with some light.

I added the rain though I will take it out as it hides some detail and blurs the image. I attempted some initial conceptual colouring, though it is obviously just a experiment and not a final. 

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