Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Research for Final Illustrations

As I was browsing through the net for pictures related to my book, The Lost World, I fell on these wonders called "Tepui" They are rocky formations found mostly around Venezuela. Tepui means House of God in the native language of the Pemon, the local indians living in the Gran Sabana. The Tepui is an abrupt plateau, and is very impressive to look at. The most famous, and I believe the largest is called Roraima. Here are some pictures:

This last one is my favorite, one of the most impressive shots I have ever seen. I hadn't read my passage yet when I found these passages. After reading it, I was pleasantly surprised that the author had set his story on these impressive formations. I had been a bit reluctant to throw myself completly into the idea of a plateau in the amazon, but then I hadn't been thought that something so epic could exist. This perfectly fits the vision I have in my mind, now it is for me to reproduce those ideas onto paper.

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