Monday, October 25, 2010

Environment Concept

Having found out that my topic will be the Lost World by Conan Doyle, I decided to start some quick concept pieces to set a mood and to try and find the artistic direction for this project. Having had some time management issues last project, and not following the brief in some cases, I am now determined to stay focused and to work efficiently.

So here is the first, a two hour session. Though it could get some more refinment I am trying to stay vague as this is more to find the right tones and colours on which to work.

Different stages:

I tries to include colour earlier than I usually do, and this considerably accelerated the whole process. I felt later on during the drawing process that their was a slight ancient Egyptian influence to the piece, mainly due to the bird on the top left which reminded me of the birds found near the Nile River. I added the two pyramids to keep the theme and to try and feel space through composition. I hope it has the desired effect.

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