Thursday, May 26, 2011

2001 Space Odyssey - The Postal Service - Research Part - 2

My next influences for this project where 2001 Space Odyssey and The Postal Service. The first for it's spaceship interior, the second, which is a band, for their video Such Great Heights. The two are complementary, using pure clean white to represent space. I always think of a hospital, where everything is sterile. The use of red in 2001 Space Odyssey is also something that I found of interest. The red in my animation represents danger as it is the core of the HIV Virus. The Postal Service's video is interesting in itself for the shiny metal surfaces which I also attempted to render out. Their is a cold and brutal efficiency to the virus and I wanted to represent that through the mechanical and inorganic materials I used. The video also shows a factory, probably an electronic one, or a lab. The machines are spotless in their lifeless drab coat. So unattractive, yet so alluring and menacing.



Jordan Buckner said...

Great influences Paul...2001 is utterly stunning...also check out this cover of "Such Great Heights" by Iron and Wine

Paul Lemarquis said...

Ah thanks Jordan it's a really good cover.