Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ora-Ïto - Research Part - 1

A sculpture by Ora-ïto
As part of my research work, and in accordance to my new stylistic route, I had a look at a few different art medias that helped me define my own style. I was really interested in product design and architecture. I found the site, which is the sort of hub for designers and architects. Or at least one of them. Their I discovered Ora-Ïto, a product designer. 

His clean style and sharp edges was something that  proved of interest in my research. The white and shiny texture is what I am also going for. I decided to keep the shapes simple, and if the project had been less structured I would have gone for even more abstraction. I had done some research into shapes,  lines and colour a while back, I find  that this project has opened some doors for more animation. As I progressed more into the project more stylistic sources came to the fore. 


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