Sunday, May 8, 2011


A long time since I have posted anything. I have been away and without internet. I have been working though. I will post all my research later, as publishing my storyboard was more urgent regarding the Pitch.

I will post my script and story which should help understand better. I tried different styles for colors, yet most of it will remain in very rusty and recycled. Except the virus.

Their are two themes:

- The first is that in the HIV is created by our own body. After the first influx of external viruses, it is our own cells who start the production.

- The second, which is not included in the storyboard yet (because I forgot to scan it, and I don't have a A3 scanner here...), will be an attempt at mobilizing against HIV. I want to introduce a drawn character who at the beginning is healthy, and at the end of the video ends up dead. My goal is to contextualize the infection rather than just having a disease doing it's nasty job.


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Andriana said...

wow!! Cool stuff! It's like technology vs the organic :D