Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Animation Exercise

This is the set design exercise.

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tutorphil said...

Interim Online Review 23/03/2011

Really nice to see you getting exploratory with your animation exercises. I suspect your embrace of this and enjoyment tells me everything I need to know about why you struggle to engage with Maya; you like the immediacy of the pencil and the lightbox. I hope it needn't reach the stage of being either one or the other.

As I comment earlier, your essay idea is a name - not a structure or investigative proposal or outline, so I'm unable to offer any real guidance - which, is a pity, I guess. Your story I liked when you posted it previously - Meg will working closely with you on Friday in regard to your stories, so use this time wisely.

I don't want any primadonna-ish 'pick n mix' crap from you this time round, Paul - seriously. Just get everything done that is asked of you - and that includes engaging with Maya, which everyone knows you're avoiding. Don't make a deficit of confidence into a lifestyle choice - it needn't be so tribal. I suspect you actually struggle with Maya and it makes you feel vulnerable. I suggest you 'feel the fear and do it anyway',