Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Essay Proposal

After some more in depth research, I rediscovered Paul Grimault and his film "Le Roi et L'Oiseau". At first I only saw one still of the film, and I could not remember what it was. Then I saw more and souvenirs are pouring back as this is the film of my childhood. More so than any Disney, I remember this film as being there in my earliest days.

It unique style and different influence makes it a very interesting film to look at. It is ripe with references to its time and the role Grimault played in animation history. Called the French Walt Disney, he is one of the greatest. I will focus mainly on "Le Roi et L'Oiseau", as it really is the film that defined him as a great animator.

@Phil, What should I really look at, Paul Grimault through the "Le Roi et L'Oiseau" or should I look at him through all his work. "Le Roi et L'Oiseau" seems to be such an defining film in animation history, and it means so much to me, bu I suppose I should be looking at Grimault himself.

Should I make a cultural and contextual essay on him? Or study his techniques and placement in style?

Ill do some more thinking on the subject.

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