Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Vague Wandering - II

How can a step ladder be satisfied? It has one purpose, which is too raise people up the ground. They probably have other uses, more esoteric ones, yet it’s primary function will always be to raise people off the ground. So if a step ladder is sad, and has given up on life, someone using her would probably give her joy and happiness. The cause is as important as the effect. It is all about balance.

The cause has to be equal to the effect, if the cause is not worth it, than the effect will suffer in intensity. Jubilation is an extreme emotion. The character exults, is overwhelmed with highly vigorous happiness. It is not satisfaction at a mild level, it is an explosion of joy.

Therefore, the cause must be important. Let’s just remember that we are talking about a step ladder. Earlier, I was wondering the level of intellectual capacity a step ladder could have. Let’s make it quite simple. It has one focus, which is to be used.

So we could easily say that being not used would make her sad, and being used would make her happy. Let’s increase the intensity. She has been abandoned, cobwebs accumulating between her steps and feet, other object obstruct her. There is a strong melancholy in the scene you can see the sadness in its attitude. It is really sad.

Then it get’s used. We don’t know why, or really I don’t know yet. It could be shown that time passes quickly and it is not used.

So it is a great day for it, the man uses it, and its joy is great it jumps around and around. 

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