Thursday, November 18, 2010

Another preparatory drawing

I stayed with the same tonalities, red and blue, yet I am not too satisfied with it based on the project. I will talk about what is wrong in this picture and hopefully try and fix it.

- I feel it needs a bit more Lost World, without altering too much the image into a gag like Jurassic Park.
- I want the colour storm to be more present in the foreground.
-And more but I am not sure what it is.

If anyone has any advice my ears are open.

I still need to find a way to include a deer in there, as I feel he is essential symbolically to the piece.

I have a feeling I should go more towards the turquoise and salmon pink of my earlier concept, though I am not too sure yet, probably of mix of the two sets, red-blue turqoise-salmon pink, would be preferable. 

Their are more variations in the colours, which makes this piece chromatically more pleasing to my eye.

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tutorphil said...

personally speaking, I think your top image - with the dinosaur included - is really beginning to cook - it's just the strong red swirl on the left almost feels too solid - try not to gentrify your motives too far; you have been COMMISSIONED to produce concept art for The Lost World - there is no ambiguity about that - there's a part of you, Paul, that needs to embrace the 'point' of your commission - it's that fine line between breaking the brief - and aceing it! Your job is to create a sense of scale and wonder and of a 'world apart' from our own - there is nothing cliched about a dinosaur - it's what Conan Doyle describes, not a cop-out on your part. This is you + Doyle + cineascope wonderfulness!