Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Third Piece Progress

Almost done I think. Any final advie welcome.


Sean said...

I think that dinosaur on the left is a bit too eyecatching? the boat and the man were the last things I saw. Maybe move it in more so its opposite the other dinosaur in the background and flip it so its looking the other way? Thats just my opinion but apart from that its very nice, I like the blending of colours and the light on the water. Good stuff

anewman said...

In general: Epic, massive. Reminds of a "Morning" Edvard Grieg, Peer Gynt.

To the previous orator:
It is possible that this is a matter of perception, because dino was the last thing I saw.

p.s. took this into my library :)

Paul Lemarquis said...

Thanks a lot for the responses guys, Ill post a fliped version to see if it changes much.

I can see "Morning" working with this :)