Tuesday, November 23, 2010



anewman said...

Again look at the lake borders, they look artificial. And everything that is far away should be blured a little bit. Add little smoke or fog to the background it will give you more depth.
p.s. this is my personal opinion, I'm no one, so you can listen to me or not :)
p.s.s. good luck on friday!

Ryan El said...

mate, I love the colours in the sky, and how it's reflected in the ocean..

I just noticed the vanishing point for the lake is lower on the right than it is on the left tho... I had to step back to see it and notice.
Was it intentional?

Paul Lemarquis said...

Thanks Alex, this is progress still bu I will take it in consideration :)

Hey Ryan, I noticed it and kind of forgot about it, Ill have too fix it it looks weird now that I look at that picture youve done