Friday, November 19, 2010

Not happy

Ok I though I could have turned this into my final piece, I even started it in a 16:9 format, but I don't like it, something is wrong, so unless anyone has an idea on how to fix it, I am scraping it and starting again.

Having done all my other paintings on an A4 format means I need to rethink completly my painting and composition strategy. The painting is too milky.

I am scraping that the more I look at it the more I hate it. This is done.

I have got the week-end to come up with all the right drawings for my three pieces, so that I can concentrate on the final painting.


Oliver 'Lifeforce99' Fowls said...

PLay with the levels to drop the colour bleaching?

Keep your chin up dude!

JOLANTA said...

I would offer maybe some suggestive shiluettes of world's surroundings from the sides further in the background, as if they are covered by these stormy clouds.And the milkyness to me brings the feel of surrealism which I think suits well with the theme you have.
But overall.. I really love you paintings..

tutorphil said...

I think one of the problems here is compositional; everything about this image points the eye into the centre of the image - which has the effect of 'emptying' the image - like looking down a well, and missing the sides. When you work at 16:9 consider working away from the centre, pushing the focus into the left third or right third of the picture plane - it's not a hard and fast rule, but have a go. Also, if you squint at your image - this knocking out the detail, the clouds 'solidify' into proper masses - as if they are more than 'weather' - they're almost life-forms - like tentacles? Maybe they're too defined?

That said, your most recent images are reminding me of this:

Paul Lemarquis said...

Thanks for the help guys,

Phil I have redrawn a new version where I shifted the focus to the right, while using real world reference (medway river) to get the perspective right, cheers.

tutorphil said...

Hey Paul - just remembered our conversation re. cg arts and 'arty stuff'

check out these films produced by students on the course:

Paul Lemarquis said...

Thanks Phil, I would also like to meet the masters student you talked about if you remember?