Friday, November 5, 2010

Tepui from a Distance

I getting a better idea of what my first piece is going to look like. The Tepui will be seen from afar, with the expedition on the foreground creating scale. I want to make it really epic to justify prehistoric life surviving on the upper stratum of the plateau. It has too seem inaccessible to the viewer, to have someone watching/playing the end result (film, game, etc) wonder how the expedition is going to access the plateau. Their is a mist surrounding the place, weird shapes which seem to be storks, yet grey and leathery.

My main issue is the perspective and the view. I want it to be more dramatic, with a more drastic angle. I need to do more drawings to find it, using the thumbnails.

So here is some work in progress, made during the photoshop class.  I need to add more detail to enhance scale, which is really a reoccurring problem.

This is one representing a weird foggy river. I still need to add the expedition to show the scale. I want them to be paddling in through the low fog.

The second one still needs a lot of detailing. It needs to be cleaned. I added the characters to try and get scale though they are by no mean final.

When I will include the characters they will be a bit more detailed and have some colour on them, though they will still remain a secondary aspect of the painting and therefore will be more implied than detailed.


tutorphil said...

the top image is very effective - love the spears of sunlight and all the texture work on the rock face...

Paul Lemarquis said...

Thanks I am not sure about the scale of the rocks on the foreground, how big or small should I make them?