Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Sea

I want to make a really dramatic image with the lake under a storm. Though this doesn't happen literally in the book, my interpretation of the story into an animation would imply that different weathers would affect the plateau during the expedition’s trips around it. This image would be my "Romantic" image, defining the plateau when everything is not idle. The first images are going to be quit static, with an expectant mood settled upon them, while the third one while be the apotheosis. I want to define the emotions and mood of the main protagonist, instead of through the realist description of the elements.

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phillsartspace said...

Paul this image is both delicate and beautiful, a master digital painter in the making. SO want to see the larger than life lost world elements coming into your work. the atmosphere is all there, but the content could be amped up a few notches, give us more and this work will really, really impress. Photoshop phill..