Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Essay Beginning

I decided to do my essay on the Triplettes de Belleville, as it is one of my all time favourite movies.

I decided on studying the technical and artistic approach. I feel it is essential to the film's success and I will use that as a guide line for the study of the other technical aspects of the film. Its unique, style which places it on a different level than Hollywood animation and Japanese animation was really what caught my eye at first.

Though I don't know if it is relevant, I would still be interested in talking of the strong satirical symbolism present throughout the film, and the way it is portrayed through techniques and drawing styles.

I am guessing I could also take a look at the animation techniques used during the film.

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Alan Postings said...

Triplettes de Belleville is a great movie, born out of a cross between a cultural identity and 'whimsy'.

At the heart of the animation and character design is 'Exaggeration' too. The cyclist being a prime example.