Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Week Two Time Table.

Right so I have decided to do small time table for each week to keep focused and give a check list to stick to.


1. Film Birds by Hitchcock. Done
2. Finish the review for Psycho. Done
3. Continue research on La Jetée. Done
4. Review story board based on received comments.
5. Maya.


1. Start drawing character sheets for André and Maurice.
2. Write film review for Birds.
3. Start clear influence maps on the setting.
4. Start drawing basic aerial plans for each shot.
5. Maya.


1. Start some research for theory presentation
2. Write stories for the rest of the characters.
3. Start there drawn character sheets.
4. Start fleshing out the architecture of the set.
5. Maya.


1. Maya and Premier Pro Tutorials.

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tutorphil said...

really proactive stuff, Paul!