Friday, February 11, 2011

André- I

I started some preliminary drawings, adding some watercolor to some of them. Those where based on some of my influence sheets, plus some more. I think I will stick to so of the final ones I did, for time's sake.

Fig. 1

I started out with some looks for Maurice and André. The first trials where not satisfying both in style and looks.

So, I started with some drawings for André. I wasn't sure on his looks, his origins, etc. I tried a few and the process brought me to the sheet of faces on the bottom of this post. The trials here where not satisfying, either because they where too complex to show in many different positions or because it wasn't expressive enough. I liked Fig. 1, but on don't think I would be able to reproduce it satisfyingly enough.  After some more drawings I concluded that I needed to increase the emotions of my characters. I had to increase their facial features which led me to the face study below. Increased eye size was the main change, and as this is a style I have never used, I am curious of the results on the long term.

This was the result of a bit of research. It isn't definitive but I think Ill stick to him. The hat will probably go, and he'll get a nice set of overall. I will keep the big eyes as they allow emotions to be exaggerated. He is the younger of the two, and the thinner, and this is represented by a more emaciated visage. He has a constant smile etched on his face, though he does lose it when he starts the trapeze sequence. 

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