Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Re-take on Chase scene


-         Maurice (Painter)
-         André (Painter)
-         Bruno (Little Boy)
-         Lola (Little Girl)
-         Lorenzo (Shop Keeper)

Action Sequence: 

Inside joke shop,

            Bruno and Lola enter the shop, a mischievous smile taped to their face. We see a door in the background, it is ajar and on it is written – Staff Only -. They reach the counter, and point at a pile of small paper bags behind the counter. Bruno shows the number two on his fingers. Lorenzo turns around with a gentle fatherly smile. He gives them the bags, showing a sign saying 2 Francs for 2 bags. While he is pointing at the sign the two child share a knowing look.

            Suddenly, instead of paying, they start to spring towards the door. They sprint through the door as the Lorenzo starts to chase after them. As he is quit aged he cannot keep up.

We see a quick shot of the kids running up the stairs as Lorenzo goes through the door himself.

Outside joke shop,

            We get a close up of the faces of our two painters, who are completely unconcerned and unknowing of what is about to happen. Their faces imply their discussions, which will include laughs, weird faces, etc.

Inside joke shop,

            We go back to Bruno and Lola, who are sprinting up the stairs. Lorenzo is struggling behind them. He loses sight of them.

Outside joke shop,

            We go back to a close up of our two partners, as one pulls out a cigarette.

Inside joke shop,

            We alternate quickly back to the kids, as Lorenzo reaches the second floor, and sees that the door of his own apartment is also ajar. We know it is his apartment as we see him go through the door and the door bell appears with his name on it.

Outside joke shop,
We keep looking at them as Maurice pulls out a match box.

Inside joke shop,

The two kids run up the last set of stairs, reaching outside. Lorenzo sees through his window the two painters. We notice a fire extinguisher next to the window. He walks towards the window, determination present on his face.

Outside joke shop,

            We get a look at the kids barging through the door, and running towards the edge of the wall where the platform is attached. As they reach the edge we have one last look at Maurice who cracks a match. We look back at the two kids who through their projectiles at the two seated men. André is observing a paint bucket he is about to use.

            We alternate between the falling bags and the match reaching the cigarette. This alternates twice when suddenly we zoom out to get a full shot of the two characters and the exploding bags next to them.

            We get a close of their face, complete surprise and incredulity etched on their faces, when they suddenly start to scratch themselves. The match falls and sets fire to Maurice. André drops his paint bucket, breaking the platform. The two men start falling, Maurice still on fire, when they grab the edge of their platform, in a manner similar to trapeze artists. We see Lorenzo from outside coming in through the window, and grabbing the fire extinguisher and spraying the poor Maurice.

            This sets in motion the platform structure which sends Maurice and André spinning around.


            The physics of the platform is essential to the credibility of the whole spinning scene. When the Bruno and Lola run towards the edge of the wall, we get a look at its construction. It sticks out from the edge, and the parts holding the platform show that it can move in a lot of different ways. This explains the type of movement the two painters will go through, until they smash into each other.

            Lorenzo is convinced that the two naughty kids have entered his own home. He goes towards the window determined to ask the two men if they know anything. This will be shown by the determination on his face.

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