Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Some more thumbnails and a draft storyboard.

These are some faces I did as practice and to try and find some characters, followed by my first attempt at quickly storyboarding the first half of the animation. At first I was considering putting the whole story in North Africa, to try and play with some different styles of architecture and clothing but I stayed in Europe instead.

The first storyboard part 1 with drawing of Maurice and possible layout for stair scene on the bottom left.

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tutorphil said...

Interim Online Review 15/02/2011

Hey Paul,

It's really nice to see you enjoying yourself so much!

And, your story works nicely - feels more concise, with all characters earning their keep. What I respond to strongly about your work is its sense of place - very embedded, with the style working from the inside out. Very nice. Great to see the visuals percolating through - and, as you know, I very much liked the concept piece you did, which I featured in this week's PWTM. I look forward to the realisation of your story! It's a big green light!

I'm a bit concerned re. your essay: I think you're off message. The emphasis is on structure and its relationship to story-telling; now some students are dealing with narrative archetypes and formulas - i.e. the 'deep structures' that sit beneath popular culture; most are dealing with issues of editing or linearity of story. You need to choose a film that is suitably representative or iconic in terms of the relation between story and structure - a film, the structuring of which is celebrated. That might be Citizen Kane, or Breathless, or... However lovely, I don't think Chomet's film is an apposite candidate for this particular assignment. Choose again - and choose wisely!