Monday, February 14, 2011

Step Outline

Step Outline.

 - 15th of June 1953, 3 o’clock -

School ends with children running out. Bruno and Lola run across the street.

See mural painters on the façade of a joke shop and decide to do a prank.

Enter the shop and buy some itching powder.

They see a forbidden open door and run through it. Lorenzo the joke shop keeper runs after them.

The wall painters, André and Maurice are unaware of the ongoing situation.

Chase scene through a stair case.

Kids reach the top, shop keeper, confused, enters an open apartment.

Kids reach edge of building, looking down at unsuspecting painters.

They throw their projectiles, causing havoc below, as Maurice gets hit and scratches himself. His dropped cigarette sets a paint pot on fire.

Lorenzo sees this through the window and finding a fire extinguisher, he throws it at André, who avoided trouble.

The platform is dangerously unstable, and with the fire spreading it breaks as André sprays Maurice.

This sends him backwards, the back of his legs attaching themselves to the side bars. Maurice catches its opposite.

The motion sends André hurtling through the air. Maurice reacts to the movement as he is pulled as well.

The choreograph ends when the platform breaks and they fall on an awning.

They fly through the street and are about to land in a pile of bags containing itching powder.

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